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Meet our latest artist collaborator BODIL JANE .

Bodil is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands & has through her career commissioned work for a variety of amazing institutions such as Elle, Unicef, New York Times & lately also the iphone accessory company Casetify to name a few. We are honoured to be a part of Bodils crowd & cannot be more excited to have her on board as one of our collaborators in our artist series this spring.


This collab is all about diving into Bodils oasis of colours & that girl power energy that she so brilliantly portrays with her diverse feminine hand writing.

Now you can get your hands on this very special Girl Power Limited Edition jacket with 5 of Bodils illustrations adorning the front and back such as her iconic Three hands & Love earring girl. This time the collab will also be available in adult sizes so get ready for some #twinningiswinning action :)

We are very proud to announce that all proceeds of the sales will be going to PLAN INTERNATIONAL - Who works hard to help ADVANCING CHILDREN'S RIGHTS AND EQUALITY FOR GIRLS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ALL OVER THE WORLD.